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What are Cigarette Cards?

Cigarette cards were placed inside packets of cigarettes, one card per packet, in Great Britain and other countries between about 1890 and 1940.

Each card was part of a set of usually 50 cards of the same subject, though sometimes there were 25 or other totals in a set.

Competition between tobacco companies for brand loyalty forced the quality of the cards ever higher. This high production quality can easily be seen in the original cards produced in the period 1900 to 1940 available on this site.

Many of the original cards have become extremely scarce and now attract high prices in the collectors market. Fortunately there were such high numbers produced that many very high quality and attractive sets are still available and the cards on this site give a wide range of quality examples of the art.

The cards provide a fascinating insight into the culture of the early 20th century and are a delightful decorative item to give to your friends or to keep for yourself.

We sell three types of cards:

  • Original Cigarette Cards
  • Reproduction Cigarette Cards ( Reprints )
  • Collectors Cards

Original Cigarette Cards:

We date and authenticate all our Original Cigarette Cards. Each set is sold with a Certificate of Authenticity which guarantees their age. They date from between 1900 and 1940.


Over the past 20 years some popular sets have been re-printed. My reprint sets can easily be distinguished from original cards as all sets of reprints  clearly state they are Authorised Reproductions.

Collectors Cards:

These modern and attractive cards are not cigarette cards but are sets of trade cards issued on various subjects purely for the purpose of collection.

Portobello Road Cigarette Cards is owned by:

David Banks
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